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Just busy, in at out of jobs. Currently unemployed! Wheee!! Plenty of time in my hands!

Also did another SotS fanbook (plain and healthy gag only) and did several free fanart commissions (I realize there are paid commissions as wel, but then I should be super good, right?) on various works, except I can't put them up here due to mature content. Would anyone be interested if I'll accept commissions in deviantart?

Weather getting cold, but mosquitos surviving. Why?!
I was busy with a lot of things, but was mostly working on a [Sword of the Stranger] Rarou/Nanashi fanbook. BTW, it's rated R, which is why I can upload the whole thing here even if I wanted to. Actually I don't want to, it's always a pain looking back at one's finished works, isn't it? I've sold only a few dozen copies in Korean, and some of my Japanese friends want to see it so I'm in the process of translating it. Not that there are many dialogues-in fact it doesn't have much since there's no developed plot, story etc. Since I set out to do a R-rated book I sort of minimalized everything else, so basically it's about Rarou having his, uh, way with Nanashi. I guess working on the book was good practice for me. Made me realize I really do like drawing comics, but still afraid to attempt to make a living out of it, because the industry's in bits here. Or wherever I guess.
Read Natsume Soseki's [Kokoro] to check if it does have homosexual under/overtones like many psychologists and literary critics have pointed out.

It sort of does, at least up to the part when "I" is the protagonist. Practically stalking an older man for no particular reason whatsover wasn't normal even by Meiji Japan standards...which is why he is suspected as being gay even in the book. But overall, it was a philosophical and insightful look on the nature of human existence and mind.

For those of you who haven't read Soseki yet, I highly recommend his works for their clarity and insight. [Botchan] and [I am a cat] are nice starters; especially [Botchan] is witty and hilarious even by today's standards.
Currently shocked by the apparent suicide of ex-president Roh Moo-hyun.

May his soul rest in peace.

Whatever his failings, he did accomplish a society where people are no longer afraid to mock authority-a grand step for a nation still struggling with democracy.
Apologies for being so negligent. It's just that I haven't been drawing a lot...well actually I have, but not something I felt that was appropriate for uploading in deviantart. I understand some mature content is allowed, but's just personal. Even imagining the thumbnails up there makes me want to drive my head against a wall.

So finally drew something more wholesome. Lord Morpheus, super-emo personification of Dreams...wait, in a way he's even unhealthier...

As for North Korean missles or rockets, I live in Seoul, just a few hours from the border and honestly for the South Koreans it's sort of earthquake. It's not really pleasant, not something most people can do anything about (of course the government could have done a way better job...but diplomacy isn't the only field our current regime displays impeccable weakness in), but you just have to live with it and get used to it. I'm not sure whether people are desensitized or hardened-after all, we've lived with it for decades-but it doesn't affect everyday life here. So there's no need for panic. For now.
Watched [Watchmen] Saturday. Obviously being a Zack Snyder movie, had a lot of unnecessary excess and quite a few neglected necessaries. That's coming from a fan of the original, so don't trust me too much. Still, not sure if people who haven't read the original could understand what's going on...? What I could say for the movie's behalf was that as a fan, it was interesting to see how the scenes and characters were being played out on the screen. Especially the Comedian and the psychiatrist looks like they popped right out of the book. Nice opening credits-perhaps the best part about the movie. Very ungraceful dialogue scenes-partly due to the acting but also the editing and the script, and Snyder being a former commercial director-he works best at chopping and editing flashy sequences, but not so effective in producing graceful, flowing dialogue and drama scenes. Must add it's worth watching (if you comprehend the original and the ending), although by the time Dan and Laurie was making love my knees were screaming in pain--bit too long for me. Couldn't agree with the changed ending though, even on terms of the damage done. Also I wanted to see "I did it!" so badly!
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Stuck in artist's block. Been stuck there for about two weeks, actually. Of course I doodle occasionally, but just can't draw something to be shown public. Tried to analyze myself-logically it should be the combination of the fear of flying (which is over for now), missing my family, worry over grad school admissions, frustration over thesis, feeling shut out of school life(well I did finish my course load and since school's 90 minutes from my place I don't visit so often), etc I guess. I did draw a political cartoon which I put up in the gallery, but it's only because it was a request from a friend whom I owe a lot. I'm not depressed or anything, just that things are so complicated with my life right now and I can't afford a break either.
Just got back to Seoul after an exhausting flight...augh...

To recover myself, watched the Infinity Challenge parody of [Boys over Flowers] again.

It's actually a parody of Korean soap operas combined, and just hilarious! link

I don't watch [Boys over Flowers] and even I found it funny!

It's in Korean, but I think most of the humor gets through...especially with the cross-dressings.

Gotta unpack now...
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For some reason my cousin always sends me work whenever I'm trying to spend some quality time while visiting my folks. This time it was translating a three-page aesthetical analysis of some artist's painting which made absolutely no sense.

Allow me to quote:

"The artist's works are emanation of explosives, the condensation of qi bursting out of one spot: instantly pinning the primordial of images."

Actually that's my translation trying to make it sensible; does it?

Drove me crazy for days, and after I sent it to her no word of thanks but a simple "now translate my resume"-arghh!

Annoyed, put off the resume translating till later and drew the new pic just updated.

Packing for tomorrow; just thinking of staying cooped up in the plane for 13 hours or so is making me sick. Arghhhh....and what should I do during the flight? I don't have any new NDS games so I guess I'll read the rest of [Nayamu Chikara] and doodle some stuff. (if I don't get airsick...)

Yesterday I got to watch Sword of the Stranger in theatres, thanks to an acquaintance who let me accompany him to the press screening. I've seen the DVD a dozen times or so but it was an amazingly refreshing and overwhelming experience with the big screen and booming sounds. Also loved how I could check each detail. Watched the entire movie with my heart throbbing all the time. Wish I could see it again in theatres.

The thing is...the acquaintance-although he did enjoy the movie-said it was awfully boys love! Another animation critic who attended the screening also posted on his blog that the animation is not simply those kind which sort of instigate boys love fantasies but is itself a boys love anime. Urmmmmm....I mean, if a yaoi fangirl looks at it that way I can definately understand (it does have a lot of homosocial tensions going on), but they're guys...?
Quite out of the blue I'm supposed to leave for Canada, so currently checking airline tickets-which isn't so easy as most offices shut down during the weekends. I'll be  staying at my family's place for probably 2-3 weeks. I'm relieved and worried at the same time; it's something I was waiting for, but not at this time of the month.

One thing that troubles me is that I might miss Sword of the Stranger in Korean theatres, which will be running from February 12. I do have the Japanese special edition DVD but never had a chance to see it in big screens, so I was really looking forward to the February screening; I hope it will be popular enough to stay in theatres at least until I get back. The Korean cinema scene being fiercely intense, small movies have a difficult time surviving even a week. And non-Hollywood, non-Ghibli animated features especially get it hard. Wish SotS has a better chance.

Did my hair today-was tired of tying it, so got it cut short.

Begun packing. I always feel like a smuggler whenever visiting my family, not necessarily because they ask for something illegal (they don't) but because I'm staggering under the weight of so much stuff that isn't mine. And it doesn't really help imagining myself as Han Solo.

At least I'll get to see the family cat-probably the biggest cat in Southern Ontario.
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Done updating most pics from my hard to the Gallery.

The rest are mostly comics which I'll have to translate in English if I'm thinking of putting them up. Though I don't know if anyone would be interested in a series about Korean yaoi fangirls...

Also done with the most harrowing procedure which gave me no peace of mind throughout the past months; I'll write about it once the results come out.

Planning to watch Red Wall2 sometime. Didn't see the prequel but apparently it's not that necessary. The thing that bothers me is why did they have to make it a Chinese version of Troy? Although Cao Cao is the favourite "villain" in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I don't think he is so lacking in political intelligence as to start a war simply to get a woman.

Gotta clean up the house now; it's literally a garbage bin. Must add to new year resolution: always wash the dishes STRAIGHT AFTER a meal, Don't pile things up on the table or desk, broom the house at least once a week...
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