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Chen Gong recommends Cao Cao as Inspector of Yan by Sibauchi Chen Gong recommends Cao Cao as Inspector of Yan by Sibauchi
This is based on historical records which were not present in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 
Liu Dai, Inspector of Yan Province, died in battle while attacking former Yellow Turban rebels, and thus the seat of the Inspector of Yan became empty. Chen Gong, who served Cao Cao at the time, successfully persuaded influential families and officials of Yan province to accept Cao Cao as the new Inspector. This was how Cao Cao was able to gain his first power base and land through peaceful means. Yet when Cao Cao led a much unpopular military campaign against Xu province and slaughtered many peasants along the way, Chen Gong persuaded most of the officials guarding Yan cities to rebel against Cao Cao and accept Lu Bu as the governor of Yan. This forced Cao Cao to retreat to Yan and fight a 2-year long war with Lu Bu in order to regain control of Yan province. I thought it's interesting how the actual  relationship between Cao Cao and Chen Gong was even more dramatic than their fictionalized meeting and falling out in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, though the latter is interesting as well and gave Cao Cao his famous line.
Psycho-blue Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Chen Gong was one of my favorite characters in the "Han" era of the Three Kingdoms novel (that is, dealing with the Yellow Turbans, Dong Zhuo, and the subsequent power struggle prior to the Three main factions establishing themselves).  He looks good in this!
Sibauchi Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Thanks! Chen Gong is one of my favorite figures during the late Han era/RTK-related fiction, too!
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